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For over 45 years, our goal has been 100% customer satisfaction. We work hard every day to create quality jewelry and provide quality service in order to surprise and delight our customers. We are fortunate to do what we love and enjoy knowing that we can use our talents to make the people who live in our community happy.

Our workshop is truly the heart of Finch Jewelers. We are proud to be one of the best in the Susquehanna Valley with 5 in-house bench jewelers who strive to provide timely, quality service.


On-Site Repairs

From simple sizing and stone tightening, to more intricate stone settings and hand-designed pieces, our jewelers do everything on-site with the goal of exceeding your expectations.

You will be quoted a firm price for repair when you present your jewelry to us. All repairs come with a one-year warranty.



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We offer the following services:

Ring Sizing

Ring sizing is a common procedure that can be done on most types of rings.

A ring which is properly adjusted to the size of your finger should feel a little bit tight. It should slide easily onto your finger and come off a bit harder with a slight brush against your skin. Ring sizings are the most common jewelry repair. There is no need to worry, whether your ring needs to be sized up or down. When resized properly, the ring will maintain its original round shape and no stones will be damaged.

When making a ring smaller, a portion of the band will be cut out and cut ends rejoined. After restoring circular shape, the jeweler solders the ring back together, cleans it, and polishes it to restore the smooth surface.

If you find you need to enlarge your ring, it may be stretched (as long as there are no stones) or cut and enlarged with additional pieces soldered into the gap. A ring that is properly resized should bear no visible indication that it was ever altered.

There are some rings that cannot be resized due to their material properties. If your ring is made of titanium, tungsten or cobalt, the manufacturer of the ring usually allows you to trade the ring in for a different size for a minimal fee.

Finch Jewelers will work with you during your initial purchase to ensure that you buy the correct size, but if necessary, we will resize your new purchase at no charge and within a few hours.


Adjustable Ring Shanks

Superfit shanks makes your ring fit better. They are ideal for customers with arthritic knuckles. Superfit replaces your existing shank, allowing your ring to open and go over your knuckle with ease, then close and lock, fitting your finger snugly and securely without annoying twisting and turning.

Rhodium Plating

Rhodium is a precious metal, a member of the platinum family. Rhodium electroplating is used on white gold rings to refresh their white luster. This is commonly done once a year and offered complimentary for the life of the item when a jewelry piece is purchased with us.

Know Your Metals

Laser & Torch Soldering

Our shop is equipped with two laser welders for precise soldering. The laser is essential for working on heat-sensitive jewelry; it pinpoints the heat in a controlled area without affecting precious gemstones. We also have torch soldering for simpler repairs on chains, bracelets, etc.

Jewelry Repairs

Hand-Done Milgrain

Milgrain refers to those tiny beads or “grains” that frame each edge and contour of your ring to enhance its overall sparkle. The addition of milgrain on a ring can take a modern look and transform it to appear more vintage.

Machine and Hand Engraving

From basic lettering to elaborate patterned motifs adding engraving to a piece of jewelry will lend a personal touch.

Custom Finishes & Textures

There are many types of surface finishes used on jewelry ranging from a high polish to a coarse hammered background. We use emery clothes, files, hammers, bead blasting equipment, and numerous specialty tools to apply a wide variety of finishes. We can also blacken, antique, and enamel to create specialized effects.

Steam Cleaning

Pearl & Bead Restringing

Fall in love all over again with your pearl & beaded jewelry. We offer all kinds of re-stringing options and clasps to update your current jewels.

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